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Acts 27:7-13 Summary

Summary of Acts 27:7-13

In these verses, the Alexandrian ship carrying Paul and Luke, has made a major course correction and moved south to the coast of Crete.  Here they are protected from the wind by the island and they come to rest in a small bay known as Fairhaven.  They then make the fateful decision to weigh anchor and move along the coast about 34 miles to a better port.  The reasons for the decision to move seem to be well thought out, but fatal in any event.

The fateful words of this verse ring out like a warning bell to sailors through out the ages:

“they thought they had obtained what they wanted; so they weighed anchor and sailed….”

In a short time this ship and everyone on board will get caught up in a storm that will send this ship to the bottom.  All on board will be saved.

In verses 1 – 13, I noted how Luke was a careful observer and his style of writing gives us very precise and accurate details of what transpired.  He is economical with his words, yet he packs a great deal of information by the selection of the few words he does choose.  This style will become increasingly important as events unfold.

From this point forward events will develop rapidly and many critical actions will be used by the crew to try to save their lives and the ship.  The crew must move fast and secure the ship as best they can, because the full fury of the storm is about to come crashing down on these travelers and their vessel.

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