Intro 27:1-6


The Apostle Paul had been accused of crimes by the Jewish leaders and is arrested by the Governor Felix. Felix started to hear Paul’s case but changed his mind, so Paul spends the next two years in prison. After two years Felix was replaced by Festus as governor. Within a short time Paul’s trial is resumed before the new governor. During his trial, Paul appeals his case to be heard in Rome before Caesar, which is his right as a Roman citizen. Governor Festus comments “You have appealed to Caesar. To Caesar you will go”. A few days later King Agrippa visited Festus and while there also heard Paul speak in his own defense. After hearing Paul, Agrippa thinks he could have gone free had he not appealed to go to Rome. So Paul is now being sent to Rome to stand trial. That brings us to Acts 27:1

Acts 27:1-6

The first leg of the journey will go from Caesarea to Myra, and is discussed in the first six verses of chapter 27.

This part of the trip provides very little information about the ultimate shipwreck. It is simply the narrative about the first part of the trip. This part of Acts is like most journals kept by many travelers who write a journals about their travels. However, these verses do start to establish some unique attributes of this writer, Luke and the style of his written narrative.

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